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Wharfeside Avenue, Threshfield, Skipton, North Yorkshire, BD23 5BS.      Telephone: 01756 752215      e.mail : (click) admin[at]

Enhanced Mainstream School for SpLD


Head of School: Sally Sumner.

Executive Headteacher: Andrew Taylor.


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Human Studies


At present, the main modern foreign language taught at Upper Wharfedale School is French, although since September we have been delighted to offer “one off” taster sessions in German and Japanese, as part of our cross curricular days, and we hope to expand on this provision in the future. Modern Foreign Languages are becoming increasingly important in the modern world to access jobs in an ever increasingly international job market and to apply for some university courses, but at Upper Wharfedale, we encourage all our students to learn languages to enhance their general communication and literacy skills, and to understand and appreciate the wealth of cultures across the globe and the exciting opportunities speaking a language might offer them. We hope to provide them with basic language skills at Key Stage 3, that might inspire them to take their study further at GCSE (as part of the Ebacc qualification) and later, even at A-level, in order to enhance their skills in whatever field they choose to work in the future. We also work closely with our local feeder primary schools to support French teaching, and provide a French club each week at Kettlewell Primary School. We hope to work with them to produce a “Moroccan Day” in the summer. (photos to come)

KS3 Curriculum Overview French 2015-2016.pdf KS4 Curriculum Overview French 2015-16.pdf

Curriculum Overview French

Curriculum Overview French

0 - 9 Scale Description


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